Senior Apartments

Senior Apartments

We are very pleased that you are considering making one of the Dodge County Housing Authority’s Senior Apartments your home. The Dodge County Housing Authority is dedicated to serving your needs. Our hope is that the tenants will join together in a spirit of cooperation and fellowship. Our spacious community room is available for private or building organized events. The Dodge County Housing Authority is ready to work together with the tenants to make living in our apartments a quality experience for everyone. Small pets are welcome in our apartments.

How rent is calculated

Rent is based on 30% of the household’s adjusted monthly income.

Household income includes the total of Social Security, SSI, SSD, income from assets, or any other source for all family members.

Deductions from gross income are made for allowable medical expenses. This includes supplemental insurances, prescriptions, and doctor or dentist bills. Even over the counter items are deductible if your doctor recommends you use them.

Rural Development provides rental assistance to some apartments which subsidizes an eligible tenant so that the tenant pays no more than 30% of his/her adjusted income for rent.

The rent includes water and sewer, the heating of the hot water and garbage collection with a utility allowance calculated for electricity and heating costs. The Housing Authority takes care of maintenance, grounds and snow removal.

Since each tenant’s rent is a unique calculation based on his/her income and medical expenses, we would be happy to calculate a rent estimate for you.


Tenants applying for admission must be 62 years of age, handicapped or disabled. The one bedroom apartments are available for a family status consisting of no more than two people.

Tenants are selected by date of application with preference given to low income applicants. If you would like an application, please contact us by phone, e-mail or in person at our office. You may also download the application here.

There is no application fee or obligation. Call today for your personal tour! We would be happy to show you an apartment. There is no obligation.

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